Seriously, this totally happened. I overheard Lil’s conversation with my dad. He is outside cleaning the pool and she is standing on the ladder waiting to get in.
Lil: “Can I call you Grandpa?”
Papa: “Um, you can call me Gramps.”
Lil: “I want to call you Grandpa when you’re old.”
Papa: “Well Gramps is a shorter name for Grandpa. I used to call my grandpa Gramps.”
Lil: “Well I’m going to call you Grandpa when your beard is all white.”
I couldn’t stay for the response because I was laughing because my dad looks up at her with a silly-wide-eyed face and puts his hand on his beard. I’d say he’s about 65% of the way to Grandpa.

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Pres is sick. He had a fever. He has little white spots on his tonsils. He doesn’t want to be sick. He pretty much refuses to admit it. I told him he needs to tell me what hurts. I’m 100% sure his throat hurts. It has to. I mean, it has white spots all over it. After some convincing that white spots mean you are sick no matter what you say, I asked him again. “Does your throat hurt? What does it feel like?” He puts his little hand on his neck,”Salt. Saltwater.” Seriously, that totally happened. Now I gotta figure out what that means.

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Bad parents

We’ve been at vacation Bible school all week. It’s from 5-8:30. It was Thursday. It was 4pm. I think I’m tired,” says Lil. “You probably are,”I say. “It’s all your fault! You keep me out past 9 o’clock!” Seriously, she totally called me out! Touché Lil, touché.

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Bad Timing

We went to Sea World. We decided to watch the dolphin show. Aj and Isa wanted to sit in the splash zone…the first row splash zone. Lil decided she wanted to too. Grown ups did not want to sit in the splash zone. I wanted to make sure Lil didn’t go running anywhere so we stuck her between her cousin and big sister and told her if she wanted to come up with us she needed to just stand up and I’d come down to get her.
They watched the dolphins swim. Then the pilot whale came out. He splashes the entire splash zone. The kids are soaked. Aj stands up. Lil wants to leave. I run down the flight of stairs. As I get to the ground floor I look at the glass tank. That’s the pilot whale. He is upside down, giant black tail up just under the water. I hold my hands up and think oh no. I continue my run to get Lil. She is in a tiny ball screaming at the top of her lungs, completely freaked out. I bend over to grab her. I get a glimpse of all the faces behind her. People were gasping. Tidal wave. The whale splashed his mighty tail. Seriously, that totally happened. I grab Lil and figure it’s over. It is not. I get two more splashes despite my running away. I’m fairly certain the entire crowd was laughing at me. As I’m climbing up the stairs and receiving my 3rd wave of water I look up and my friends and family are the most hysterical of everyone.
As I sit down with Lil I ask her what happened. She answered, “I thought he (pilot whale) was going to kill me!”, as she buried her head in my shoulders.


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I want another mommy

“I want another mommy.” That’s what I was told in my own kitchen. Little Lil tells me that. Can you believe that seriously, totally happened? Here’s how the conservation went:
Lil: “I want another mommy.”
Me: “You what?”
Lil: “I want a new mommy who is nice, like you and is pretty like you and is tall like you and she can do all the cleaning and go to the store to get us food and you can hold me.”
(Sigh of relief) I did not see that going that way, but it did. My sweet girl. She hates errands, but loves me.

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Pink Lemonaide

Lil just gave me a recipe for pink Lemonaide. She’s 4. She knows these things now.
Pink Lemonaide:
“You take some lemons and some…aide. And squish them. And a blood orange and you put the blood orange in the blender and then you have pink lemonaide!”
Seriously, she totally gave me that recipe as we sat eating at Costco.

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Ready for bed

We bought the girls new beds. I decided to move the girls into the same bedroom to open up a playroom space. They finally came yesterday. I tied to put the beds together right when they came, and I pretty much did. BUT I came to a piece I just couldn’t figure out. You know those multi-lingual tiny pamphlets only have 6 words on them and some horrible pictures. I called my dad and he came to help me. It took some figuring and drilling but we got the beds together!
My dad calls me later in the evening to tell me what Lily told him. He was drilling and I had let the room. She says to him, “You better hurry up and finish my bed because I am so tired and I need to sleep.” This from the girl who hates to sleep! Seriously, she totally said that!

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I signed up to bring heart shaped cookies to Pres’ valentine party. I have, I don’t know maybe 12 heart shaped cookie cutters in various sizes. I pulled out the biggest I have. It’s gotta be 4-5″. I said to Pres, “Here, put this on the counter. I’ll use that for your cookies.” He looks at me with his face of disapproval, “That is not an appropriate size for my class,” as he holds it up. So I gave him all the sizes. He chose one and said, “Now this is the appropriate size for my class,” set it on the counter and walked away. Seriously, he totally just said that. Crazy, mom, trying to give kindergarteners too much sugar.


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That’s not our car

Isa just opened the door and hopped into a stranger’s car. Seriously, it totally happened. We were leaving Costco and we walked through some cars and she just popped open this man’s back seat car door and hopped in. The man was an older gentleman and was at his trunk loading the car. I’m walking on the opposite side of the car she was on and am watching as she opens the door and sits down. It happened so quickly. “Isa! That’s not our car!”, I yell as I’m starting to become super embarrassed. Her eyes get super big as she looks at me through the car window. She froze. The man is in shock and he just starts laughing. She gets out and we apologize. The man just laughs at us. We have a rental car and it’s black and so was that man’s car. Seriously, this totally happened.

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Seriously, this totally just happened. We were just at Walmart for at least an hour. We stood in the return line and that should really be all the explanation needed. But then I had to go spend some time shopping. Lil, of course wanted everything she saw. “I don’t have any money,” is my go to when I don’t want to buy them stuff or there’s always, “I don’t have any money for that” just in case they know I happen to have cash on me so Lil was told one of those two phrases for everything she picked up. I looked for a Christmassy shirt for Pres but no luck. Lil and I strolled the shoe isle, because Lil just can’t have enough shoes…ever. We found matching big sister little sister shoes and a pair for Pres. So excited. Shoes for all in one place? Seriously, that totally happened! When we got to the register I paid and as we walked out the door Lil, holding my hand looked up at me, “Mom, if you don’t have money, how did you buy that?” Before I could speak she says,”Magic? Did you pull money out of your ear?”

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